Pretty in Pink

Our cakes are perfect for any occasion. This beauty was made for a baby shower, but could work for a birthday party as well. That drip tho!

From the Customer: "It was beautiful!!! And delicious. Thank you so much, Emily and those at Graham Slam Bakery for making this awesome cake at such short notice!!!!

A Touch of Color

A Cake fit for an artist. You can choose muted palettes or bright colors depending on your style of party. We can do it all. "Every Child is an artist" - Pablo Picasso

From the Customer: "Thank you! She loved her cake! It was beautiful and delicious!" - Nancy G.

We'll be Here for You When You Need a Cake

Want to stay in line with your party theme? We've been there and done that. Just ask. All those fun characters from cartoons and superheroes, to TV shows and movies. Could we BE any more fun?